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I teach healthy singing.


What does this mean?  Well, here's where it needs to get a little wordy...

I teach the student how to rely on technique to the tone, stability and stamina of the voice.  To boil it down, I teach three main foundations that we build upon:

  • Breath - Our vocal chords vibrate because of the air we expel as we speak.  However, singing requires a managed rate of air pressure to sing with good technique. 

  • Release of Tension - singing with less tension throughout the vocal track frees the voice to have more colors, volume and expression.

  • Sensation of Sound -  this is where you place the sound to create a greater tone, volume and timbre when singing.  

About my vocal journey:

I have over 10 years of experience instructing voice.  I began singing, as every child does, with the radio!  Having very easy high notes and wanting to sing more, I began voice lessons a teenager. That was it, I loved it so much I wanted to have a career as a professional singer. I obtained an undergraduate degree in vocal performance and a graduate degree in opera.  However, I started experiencing vocal problems during my undergraduate education along with acid reflux issues.  Although, I addressed the immediate issues, none of my teachers guided me into sustainable vocal health and the problems returned a few years later.  When the issue returned a second time, I found a teacher who helped me breakdown my technique to create a healthy singer.  Now I sing (and teach!) any genre from opera to pop.

See below for testimonials from students!

What People Say

Bryan Reynoso, Actor/Rapper

I called Valeska in a pinch when I needed a voice lesson for an audition appointment I had  in two days for "In the heights."  Her teaching was tremendously helpful, and Valeska made singing feel effortless.  Before I knew it, I was singing high notes with ease and confidence, and I booked a callback!

Megan Kip, Actor

When I started with Valeska, I had no idea what my voice was capable of.  She turned me from a soprano who was scared of her high notes into a versatile singer with an ease of singing high notes and showed me that a soprano can belt! - Megan

Sean Riccardi, Actor

Ever since working with Valeska, I've seen immediate improvement in the quality of my voice.  She's really great at helping your find and understand where your most relaxed voice is located within you.  We've also worked on a variety of different styles which is great for me as an actor, since I never know what will be required of me next.  Pop, musical, opera, she knows it all and how to tailor each individual lesson to your personal needs in that moment or for long term goals.  I can't recommend her enough as a teacher and to top it off, she's just a genuinely great person.

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